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Make All Guests Feel Welcome
Be very courteous when a guest enters Allure. Do not ignore them. That is one of the worst possible things you can do in Ashley's eyes. "But I like to wait until they say something because they may not have loaded yet." Understandable, but not always the case. Some people prefer to be greeted before they enter a place. It makes them feel more welcome. By simply welcoming them and asking them to join you after they finish loading into a room, you address any lag they may or may not be having while welcoming them to join you at the same time. This can be the difference between them leaving or staying to get to know those who made them feel welcome a little better..

"You: Hello (insert name), and welcome to Allure. Please take your time loading and join me when you get the chance -Wink-''

Ashley is very observant
I am silent not only because I am working on several different projects, but because I am giving you the chance to prove yourselves to me. Do not take my "absence" for me not paying attention, take it as an opportunity to show how well you can handle yourselves in certain situations, I purposely leave you to your own devices to see how you act naturally while asking myself such questions as:

How is this performers work ethic?
Are they coming into Allure?
Do they put forth an effort to try and turn someone who is just here to observe into a frequent client?
Do they take initiative when certain opportunities arise?
How many clients are they landing?

All of these things and more are what I look at when deciding whether or not you are truly loyal to Allure and worth the effort I plan to put into my girls, or if you're wasting our time.

Finish With a Smile
After you've finished with your client, inbox a thank you note thanking them for coming to Allure and express your appreciation for being allowed to service them. This is extremely important. By sending a polite thank you note, you are reminding this client of yourself as a working girl from Allure, of the fun they had and increasing your chances for having them come back for more.

Rate every day
You need to rate every day, even if you left and just came in re-rate the room it makes the rating go up and a lot of clients look for rating.

Whisper chairs
There are three whisper chairs in the lap dance section and they look alike so you know which is which. If you do not have VIP you must use the whisper chair unless the whisper chairs are being used right now, if they are please wait. No one likes to read others roleplay!

Hey, work!
You should NOT sit down when you are in the club (Unless you are on be right back, then go in the Dressing Room) it looks bad on me if a client comes in and sees that the employees are just sitting around. You must be on a pole, stage

Do not forget to engage your visitors in conversation if you see them sitting alone and silent for too long. Remember, investing into a conversation with them could lead to them investing into a private session with you.

Read the post..Take a breather...than respond. No one likes a 'NancyNoRead''!

Lure potential clients into roleplaying with you by dancing within their view, though not directly with them. This instantly gains their attention and pulls them into a position where they will either pay for more, or leave rather than "just observing" without gifting.

Um...before you welcome someone, take a glance at their profile card to make sure you have the proper gender? I'd much rather you be slow and accurate than the first person to call a gentleman "ma'am".

Don't be a roleplaying robot, have conversations for the potential client while you roleplay
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