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Post by Allure on Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:19 am

Hello,  if you are reading this message it means that you have impressed me in one way or another, that I saw you and could instantly tell that you deserved the opportunity to be a part of my team as we push forth to create not just another club, but a family.

A family full of uncharted innovative ideas that will forever change and topple the current approach to what we do.... a family that will help you to reach your full potential doing whatever it is that you ultimately strive to accomplish, all while working towards the common goal of creating The Utopia of Adult Entertainment.

That family is Allure

These are our very early stages and yet you've seen what we have already accomplished. This is only the tip of the iceberg as we have so much more is in store, so many trails to blaze.

Along the way you will run into many road blocks, and you will have many questions that you may feel afraid to ask. Do not be afraid to ask them. You will meet those who you click with instantly and those who rub you the wrong way, but you will not let those things slow you down or cause you to get lazy, because you have something to prove. You have goals that need accomplishing, and a Madam to prove your worth to by showcasing your ability to learn, grow, rise above any strife and perform to your best ability.

Stay active, and make me proud..

- Ashley.
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